Workshops & Courses

One aim of our project is to disseminate the knowledge and research results regarding international comparative research that we have gathered. Therefore, we have developed a series of lectures, courses and workshops, which we teach for different audiences. As a trainer in adult education, Dr. Romy Wöhlert is responsible for the conceptional and didactic development of new teaching contents and formats. She is the designated contact person for requests.

Dr. Romy Wöhlert, KSS Kassel Summer School 2015

Dr. Romy Wöhlert, KSS Kassel Summer School 2015

Workshops for Ph.D. Students and Early Career Researchers

  • The workshop focuses on the theoretical, methodological, methodical, and practical-organizational challenges of international comparative research. It integrates workshop lectures and individualized commentary and advice and utilizes the research and project experiences of workshops participants. In combination, it advances knowledge and builds new perspectives on and insights into international comparative research.
  • The participants will acquire, expand and deepen their knowledge of the characteristics of international comparative research designs in considering the overarching questions of comparison (Why, what and how do we compare? How can we compare the results? How do we collaborate?), and will also learn to utilize this knowledge to strengthen the validity and quality of their comparative studies.
  • The workshop gathers perspectives on comparative research designs as they have been defined in different research fields in the social sciences.


1-2 days, in English or German.

Target Audiences

Ph.D. candidates, early career researchers, and researchers with experience or interest in
international comparative or international collaborative project work.


  • „International vergleichende Forschungsprojekte. Erfahrungen, Probleme und Lösungsansätze für die Forschungspraxis“ [International Comparative Research Project. Experiences, Challenges, and Solutions]. Early Career Researcher Workshop (Post-Doc, Ph.D.), Faculty of Business, Economics, and Social Sciences, Centre for Globalisation and Governance (CGG), University of Hamburg, 6.-7. October 2016.

Contact Person

Dr. Romy Wöhlert

Dr. Anna Kosmützky, BA Seminar, Universität Leipzig 2015

Dr. Anna Kosmützky, BA Seminar, Universität Leipzig 2015

Bachelor’s and Master’s Level Courses

We also integrate the findings of our project into our teaching at the university level to disseminate basic and advanced knowledge of theory, methodology and the practice of international comparative research. We have developed several course formats (regular semester long seminars and different types of block seminars) and offer them in different universities and Fachhochschulen.

Courses – M.A. Level 

  • Methodologie und Praxis komparativer sozialwissenschaftlicher Forschung [Methodology and Practical Implementation of Comparative Social Science Research] (Lecturer: Dr. Romy Wöhlert) Technical University Dresden, M.A. Applied Media Studies, Winter Term 2015-2016
  • Methoden international vergleichender Forschung [Methods of International Comparative Research] (Lecturer: Dr. Anna Kosmützky, Dr. Romy Wöhlert) University of Kassel, Kassel Summer School in Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods, 12.-13. October 2015

Courses – B.A. Level 

  • International vergleichende Forschung [International Comparative Research] (Lecturer: Dr. Romy Wöhlert; Guest Lecturer: Dr. Anna Kosmützky) University of Leipzig, B.A. Communication and Media Studies (Module Special Methods of Communication Studies), Winter Term 2015-2016